Thursday , June 30 2022

ASX pushes higher on mid-season results


Stock View

Carnarvon Petroleum

The RBC Capital Markets began to comment on the recommendation of 'Further & # 39; on Carnarvon Petroleum and a target price at a premium of 129.7 per cent to a close price of 37 ¢. The offshore oil examiner has two significant development projects and Ben Wilson analyst said that the significance of Dorado oil will only increase over time with evaluation drill and subsequent audit program. He noted the company's cash balance of $ 50 million at the end of September, saying that the auditor had enough resources to cover the DOID evaluation program of two good companies in 2019. "Carnarvon represents a rare investment opportunity in the ASX context is a pure subject – play from a conventional explorer … and a strong list of auditing forecasts, "said Mr Wilson. RBC gave a target of 85 ¢ to the company.

What moved the market


Relaxation of the VIX volatility index following the mid-term elections, as another other resistance to the result has been made to a great extent in line with expectations. The current VIX index dropped months on Wednesday, and the Cboe Discrimination Index decreased as much as 16 per cent to the lowest level in almost a month. Global markets seem to be stimulated by the decline in instability. Wall Street was strong on Wednesday with all three benchmark indexes. The Industrial Average Dow Jones and S & P 500 dropped 2.1 percent, while the Nasdaq Composer closes 2.6 percent.

Brent crai

Brent's raw prices were generally stable on Thursday as the reports emerged that OPEC is considering production curbs as a means of preventing the return of too much global. Although this news pushes the price of oil higher, US raw output pushes prices below $ US72 in a barrel for the first time in months and a half. Raw output drew 11.6 million barrels a day last week, according to Energy Information Administration data released on Wednesday. The US crude oil output has increased by 22.2 per cent annually and the country's largest oil producer in the world.

New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand Reserve Bank kept its unchanged interest rate at 1.75 per cent on Thursday, but turned slightly hawkish as it raised its inflation prospects a bit. Its 2021 inflation forecast rose from 2 per cent in August to 2.2 per cent and it was mentioned that there were risks in terms of inflation. He still noted that those rates would not rise until the end of 2020, and said that the next move would not rise or down. The New Zealand dollar, which has risen more than 5 per cent for the month so far, was quite volatile following the announcement but was not more material in either way.

Golden Miners

The decline in volatility hurts gold miners on the market on Thursday. The local gold miners introduced a strong performance during October as the market entered rectification but had been slightly weaker at the back of the market conflicts. The decline in global volatile indexes drew the demand safely and investors extended the local gold stocks. Saracen Mineral Holdings dropped 3.9 percent to $ 2.46, St Barbara dropped 4.2 per cent lower at $ 4.12, Regis Resources slipped 3 per cent to $ 4.23 and Northern Star Resources dropped 3.5 percent to $ 8.47. More Players More Newcrest Mining and Evolution of mining 1 percent to $ 20.81 and 1.9 percent to $ 3.06, respectively.

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