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Assault of recently released offender motel species


A prisoner was released into a bottle, where he attacked a woman's sexual assault.


A prisoner was released into a bottle, where he attacked a woman's sexual assault.

A recently released prisoner attacked a woman attacking a woman in a motel where Corrections and the Ministry of Social Development had implemented.

The event in the South Island, along with another event in North Wales, highlighted in mid-2017, the need for better communication between MSD and Corrections for the release of emergency prisoners.

The man was arrested and accused but was found unsuitable to apply and mandatory treatment order, according to the regional commissioner Corrections Chris O Brien-Smith.

Stuff Earlier this week, dozens of vulnerable children were reported to be placed in a motel with a famous sexual offender between 30 and 25 June this year, while a project to improve communication between the two government departments continues.


* The case manager knew that the Ronald Jeffries sex offender was staying in a motel but did not pick up the alarm
* Correlation reviews use motels for high risk offenders

*The First Minister said supervision was the imposition of a sex offender with vulnerable families
* Corrections give a famous sex offender in a motel

Documents have been released to Stuff In October, Corrections showed that MSD began to work on a new system for dealing with prisoners released in emergency houses after two events in mid-2017 which highlighted the need for better cohesion.

Stuff He asked for more information about both events and on Saturday responded O Brien-Smith with details of one of them.

Brien-Smith O. said in May 2017 a prisoner of the prison was released following a 11 month sentence about the threat of his partner. The man intended to live with his family, but "this arrangement became available on the day of his release".

Accommodation and food grant support was arranged through Referral and Works and Income, and a special needs grant was used to pay for an emergency accommodation in a motel for seven days, while further arrangements were made.

"Correction staff told the owner of the motel that he was a recently released prisoner but did not provide all of the specific information about crime or his previous risk," said Brien-Smith .

The offender was given for another seven days, after the offender's probation officer worked with Work and Income to extend the special needs grant. The corrections agreed to fund his remaining nights.

On May 26, three days before a supported living arrangement was available, the man was arrested and accused of sexual assault.

It was not found unsuitable to apply and was transferred to hospital.

"The Chief Probation Officer held a full review of the offender's control, and all the recommendations were implemented."

He met the victim of the assault to discuss the review of the offender's control, and to express a genuine desire.

The recommendations of the review included providing feedback to the staff on the findings, working to develop an agreement with Work and Income in relation to emergency accommodation for prisoners released; Provide guidance to staff about what information can be disclosed to accommodation providers; implement forums for dealing with offenders that cause concern in the area; and reviewing the workload and risk distribution in the area to ensure that staffing levels are appropriate to manage caseload.

On Wednesday, in a separate response, Corrections that acted with national commissioner Ben Clark indicated that an incident and another set the ball rolling for better information sharing between Corrections and MSD.

"The corrections followed standard procedures for reporting incidents and reviewing for both cases … New processes have been established with MSD for the provision of emergency accommodation for offenders subject to sentences and orders set by the community parole board.

"This process provides those Correction sources and funds the highest risk offender emergency accommodation, with MSD providing accommodation for all other offenders. We have also strengthened information sharing processes between Corrections and MSD in relation to the placement of offenders in emergency accommodation. "

The sex offender convicted Ron Jeffries at the United Motel in Palmerston North, along with dozens of vulnerable children.


The sex offender convicted Ron Jeffries at the United Motel in Palmerston North, along with dozens of vulnerable children.

This week Stuff that the documents reveal that dozens of vulnerable children have been installed at United Motel in Palmerston North although a member of MSD staff knows that Ronald Jeffries's sex offender lives there.

Jeffries, which was the subject of a 10-year Extended Supervisory Order (ESO) after a lifetime of offending, gave the motel on April 30.

On May 3, he contacted MSD who talked to a case manager asking for a HNZ home.

The 66-year-old told the case manager interviewing he was staying at the United Motel – accommodation funded and funded by Corrections. The case manager did not inform anyone.

From that date, 13 families were placed with 33 children in the motel by MSD before Jeffries entered the custody.

There were fears that Jeffries was abusing some of the children but there was no evidence of a police investigation that there was no evidence of offending.

Jeffries has denied a number of allegations claiming that he has breached his ESO conditions by contacting children.

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