Thursday , May 19 2022

Armed police are on guard in Ōtara, South Auckland, after shots were fired


Police stand in Ōtara. Photo / Hayden Woodward

Armed police are standing guard in a South Auckland suburb after shots were fired at houses.

Police taped at least one house near the corner of Capstick and Ivon Rds in Ōtara as well as damaged cars after officers rushed to the scene around 5pm on Friday.

After darkness fell, officers were still seen searching with flashlights near an unheated house, while a police helicopter took off to the skies above.

An earlier “increased police presence” in the area led to road closures and officers working to establish exactly what had happened, a police spokesman said.

Despite reports of firearms, police confirmed no one was injured.

But witnesses told media outlets that they had heard shots fired, while there were reports of cars being damaged as well.

“The police are staying in a number of locations talking to witnesses,” said the spokesman.

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