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An overdraft PR machine as unpopular pay costs is slowly triple


Press release

Government PR on overcrowded as
Slow unpopular tram costs are triple
Sunday 18 November

It's hard to remember an occasion when a
senior government official (in this case, manager NZTA Fergus
Gammie) climbs in the circle to slug out in the newspaper
columns with a politician (former advisor to Mike Mike
Lee) but these are unusual times – and Transport
$ 3.7bn Minister Phil Twyford Minister i
Mangere's slow tram project is definitely unusual

Gammie Intervention, on Friday NZ online
Herald, in defending his head, even before NZTA and
A case for business to justify his situation may be just a break of
premature enthusiasm but looks more like a sign of

In a recent survey of 13,300 from NZ Herald
Participants regarding the light of the airport line question
There were 96% against trams (82% for heavy railways). Instead of
Thinking again, the Twyford Minister is taking us anyway
and clearly extends the PR campaign.

Through Minister
Twyford paid a great deal on experts & # 39; in his recent Herald
article, Gammie refers to studies & # 39; diverse to justify
the official choice for a tram line 24 km down Dominion
A road rather than a 7km motorway line to the airport. I & n
information, recently, there were three
comparative studies to the best way of public transport
to the Airport. The first by Beca in 2008, second by GHD
in 2011 (with the active participation of all parties
including NZTA and Auckland International Airport Ltd). Both
these studies recommended a heavy rail connection with & quot;
airport. However, there is a third study, commissioned by Auckland
Transport management in 2016 using the Jacobs consultants
NZ, rather than a light rail connection down
Dominion Road. The allegations and figures in the Jacobs report,
has met a wide criticism in the engineering sector,
It has now seen its costs triple in two years since the report
release it. Despite blowing these costs, industry
Negative and lack of public support for this project
Instead, Gammie and his minister pade on this spot

Losing from Gammie's article and her
organization, solutions to Aucklanders who are looking for them
justification for their additional regional fuel tax a
Significant rate increase, it has not added anything new to it
debate. He quotes "providing better access to transport a
greater capacity to support growth in the wider CBD and urban
areas ", additional buses at Mangere would provide this, a
Nobody is going to give the best use of cars from just because of better
transport is given. Gammie's interesting talk about it
the international light rail providers part of NZTA
research but does nothing to explain why it was not so thorough
have to do when looking originally at the transport modal options
rather, leave the process to a report written by a path

Despite highlighting the future of a city bus & # 39;
Gammie congestion as part of the problem trams will be
Resolved, no bus infrastructure was offered in the city
either by AT or NZTA. Auckland lost its dedicated bus depot
with the construction of Britomart, while getting better
A train station is lost as a means of dealing with bus congestion.
Cities like New York, Brisbane and Denver have high capacity
Bus stations that take a central bus stop off the streets a
Allow to expand the service. The New York Port Authority deals with it
8000 buses per day with the Port Authority, Brisbane & Depot
Queens Street Underground Station provides similar
benefit payment. Brisbane, regional pioneer of the bus system,
followed by Auckland, solves a very similar bus
congestion with new types of buses that will see a
The cost of the project is one third of the slow tram project,
Brisbane Metro

Instead of advocating for a better vision
for Auckland transport or build a good business case
Instead of this project, Gammie ceases to seek support instead
by abusing Mike Lee's support from a light rail in 2015. He
Oops adding that Lee refers to a light rail model
which included lines down four parallel roads convergence
Symonds Street and Queen Street. This Melbourne method is
, with modern trams sharing the current with the current
traffic, as a solution to the bus in the future
congestion on the most troubled isthmus trails – never like
airport service Despite being too slow and not ability
Optimizing the credible, Gammie's Dominion airport service
Ironic roads will not also make anything to alleviate
isthmus and really probable traffic congestion
exacerbated with effective removal of such an essential
circus artery

Speaking of what he gave he is now
is responsible for what the Twyford Minister has called most
a transport project in the New Zeeland & Gammie history
It reflected well at the last time he was responsible for the main
transport project in Auckland. That was in 2011 when Gammie was
as the chief operating officer for Auckland Transport in Aberystwyth
is responsible for the 2011 World Rugby Cup opening night, oversees
the catastrophe failure of transportation, the horror stories
which was extremely embarrassing to the image of New Zealand
from around the world, and continuous harm to the name
image of Auckland public transport.

Regardless of it
affects Dominion Road and neighboring suburbs, hyper
An expensive slow tram to Mangere will not be able to submit
the fastest service of the Auckland International Airport in the future
and its growing workforce and travelers need unnecessary. A
it is rethinking


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