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An iconic 19 seconds of the Victoria Trade Show over the years


  • Several iconic moments have taken place throughout the years during the Victoria & Secret Secret Show.
  • Tyra Banks and Cara Delevingne models have been remembered for their dance skills on the runway.
  • Maria Borges made Victoria's story as the first model to wear her natural hair style at the show in 2015.
  • Others have endangered injuries on stage, such as Ariana Grande, which was accidentally hit by Elsa Hosk's Angel's wings, during his performance in 2014.
  • A host of multiple couples have expressed their interest on the runway, including Anne Vyalitsyna and Adam Levine, and Heidi Klum and Seal.

The Victoria & Secret Secret Show has come far from its foundation in 1995.

The runway has evolved into a bold period with modern technology, a long list of favorite musicians of fans have performed during the event, and every year, the decent Angel wings are bigger and brighter .

Over the years, many memorable things have taken place during the show. The railways in the past have seen everything from unforgettable dance numbers to performance mistakes, and the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show is likely to be different.

I'll catch you up until the shows on December 2, look back on some of the most iconic moments of Secret Victoria's railways in the past.

During the Victoria Secretary Show 2002, Tyra Banks performed a memorable Flamenco dance.

Banks have hit its backstairs as it goes on stage, although the misunderstandings seem to have been edited by the TV broadcast. Regardless of all, Banks continued its dancing routine and blown down the runway without losing a step.

In 2002, the Gisele Bündchen model was traced down the runway by anti-fur protesters.

Four members of PETA (the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) blocked the stage signs that read "Gisele: Fur Scum." They were protesting the Bündchen contract with the brand Blackglama dress.

At that time, Bündchen defended his contract and told CNN that she simply did her job.

"I'm the most loved animal in the world," said Bündchen. "I just did my job. I'm a model. I do not even wear a fur. They want to be addressed."

Bunding seems to have changed his mind since then, and told Vogue in 2018 that the experience had opened his eyes to the cruelty of animals in the fashion industry.

In 2004, Victoria Secret watched viewers by canceling the annual fashion show.

She is still talking about why Victoria & # 39; s Secret has canceled her fashion show in 2004, but media centers have said that networks are suspicious of having any transport deficit following Superbowl's performance Janet Jackson.

In an interview with CNN, Ed Razek, the Marketing Officer of Victoria's secretary, L Brands said that the cancellation had nothing to do with Janet Jackson.

"Some say the show does not run because of the Super Bowl case, but that's not really true," said Razek. "Obviously, we could have reached the show on the air we wanted to. It's a fashion, and we can not always use the same way to promote the brand."

Instead of a fashion show, Victoria's Secret Angels took a tour across the country, including staying in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

In 2005, Naomi Campbell made a surprise appearance on the runway.

It can be argued that Campbell is one of the most famous models ever to walk to Victoria's Secret Secret, but it has not been named Angel. She also did not walk in a number of shows.

Campbell walked at the Victoria & Sons Fashion Show in 1996 and continued to do so until 1998. Ultimately, he returned for the 2002 and 2003 shows, but then left the brand again.

In 2005, Campbell scored audiences when he returned to the run for a surprise appearance, but this is the final show with the brand.

Tyra Banks looked as a champion as she walked in her final Victoria & Secret Secret show in 2005.

Banks were a model before working for Victoria's Secret, but she was her 10-year career with the underwear brand and pushed her into a stardom.

He completed his final running show with the company in 2005, during that period he walked the draped runway in medals and long-edged chape. She also was carrying a "V" hut to mark the Victoria & Secret Secret brand.

Since then Banks have talked about her time working for Victoria Secret, and she said she was almost losing her job with the brand because hairdressing did not know how to work with her hair.

In 2005 he was a memorable year for a number of reasons, including Heidi Klum's lightweight clothing.

Even in the last few years, no look of bedclubs have illuminated the runway very similar to Klum in 2005. The two-piece set, equivalent to a large pair of Angel wings, illuminated & # 39; the platform and create one of the most memorable moments of the show.

She was even more iconic given that Klum was walking the runway while her husband's husband was then performing. Klum masked Seal into a kiss, and then the musician returned.

The moment has since inspired other couples to interact on the runway.

Heidi Klum once again audiences when he showed his singing skills during the 2007 fashion show.

Two years after their first performance on the runway, Klum and Seal returned to the Victoria Secret Secret 2007 show. But this time, Klum did more than just walk to the run. Instead, a song with her was now an ex-husband.

The viewers were impressed by the voice skills of Klum, but the kiss was sharing the show at the end of their performance.

After seven years' hockey, the Spice Girls performed their performance at the Victoria & Secret Secret Show 2007.

Their performance was one of the final public performances of the group that included Victoria Beckham.

The Spice Girls were banned shortly after their Victoria & Secret Secret performance, which joined for an appearance in the 2012 2012 Olympics, and then being erased again soon after. In 2018, the Spice Girls announced a world-wide journey without Beckham, who has since devoted her career completely to her fashion line.

Adam Levine made a great deal during the 2011 fashion show.

Maroon 5 performed during the Victoria Secretory Show 2011, which allowed lead singer Adam Levine to walk down the runway with her beloved Anne Vyalitsyna. And they may have learned something of the appearance of Seal and Heidi Klum 2007.

Both hiding down the catwalk holding hands before Vyalitsyna left, walking the rest of the run alone. As she did at the end of the stage, Levine got up and pushed a quick kiss on her pigs, surprisingly the unexpected model.

Cara Delevingne's dance was moving during the 2013 fashion show so popular that they were viral.

After all Victoria Victoria Fashion Show, the full cast of models is walking down the runway to take part in the final of the show. In 2013, Delevingne took things one step further and left a few dance movements during his trip, extinguishing his arms in the air when stealing yellow rubber gloves.

The friends liked so much that they had tweeted it and turning the scene into GIF, which is often used as a meme on social media.

In 2014, the Elsa Hosk model almost hit Ariana Grande with Angel's wings, and the photos went virally.

The Victoria & # 39; s Secret Trade Show is tapped and pre-edited, so it did not lift the moment on TV. But photographers were holding images of Grande's response as she conflicted with the wing, which quickly slipped.

Shortly after filming the show, Grande talked about the event that called "incredible".

Victoria's Tradition tradition changed in 2014 when he unveiled two Bras Fantasies instead of one.

The first ever Fantasy Bra unveiled in 1996, and the look has continued to be a staple at the Victoria & Secret Secret Show since then. In general, one model is chosen to wear the bra, which usually costs over $ US1 million.

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In 2014, however, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio were chosen to wear a corresponding match fantasy, which was said to cost $ US2 million each.

Taylor Swift turned off his squad as she walked with Karlie Kloss in 2014.

Typically, during the Victoria & Secret Secret Show, models hit the station alone or, sometimes, close to their musical lovers.

But in 2014, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift changed everything when they stepped out to hold hands, proving a place for best friends on the Victoria Secret Secret.

Fancy on Twitter went wild over the performance, and some even started tweeting the #htayayag #Kaylor.

In 2015, Victoria's Secret made a story when Maria Borges came the first model in the brand's history to wear her natural hair style on stage.

In an interview with Vogue from November 2018, Victoria's Secret Secretary, Monica Mitro, said brand lines "have been culturally diverse for a long time," and said the fashion show in 2015, and during that model Maria Borges became the first brand model of natural hair wearing during the Victoria & Secret Secret Show.

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"I think we're one of the first ones to tell women wearing their natural hair, which was a huge heading [two] years ago, "said Mitro." That is one thing that we have been very proud of the show; not just hanging men who wear clothes. They have personalities, and we are worried about what they are and what they have to say. "

In 2016, Bella Hadid walked the runway next to The Weeknd, the same month they had said he had broken up.

After the broadcast show, Twitter users immediately praised Hadid for walking confidently next to his ex-girlfriend, a situation that would be very comfortable for most.

But both appeared in a good spirit, as Hadid was smiling when The Weeknd was singing to her directly. After the show, Hadid also thanked her in the Instagram caption.

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Despite drawing on the 2017 runway, the Ming Xi model kept its cool and finished walking.

Victoria's Secret models spend weeks walking in their show boots to practice for the runway, but sometimes it's hard to ignore turning.

When Ming Xi walked during the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the model was caught in the train and fell. Instead of letting her point out, the model was smiling throughout her collapse and was backed up to finish her performance.

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Viewers were shocked to see that the Xi collapse had not been of the TV event. Instead, Victoria & Secret released both of them falling and a backup homepage.

Later the model took the social media to apologize to his supporters, saying she "s sorry to give everyone down," especially since "the show was taking place in my town , in front of the eyes of my mother and my family. "

The friends were delighted as Dylan Sprouse enjoyed his love, the Victoria's Secret Barbara Palvin, as she walked down the 2018 runway.

During the store at the 2018 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Palvin told People that Sprouse would "bring Shake Shack burgers" to celebrate after the show.

Not only did he carry a bag of burgers throughout the show, but Sprouse also pursued his promise that he would be in the audience "he was trying hardly, being tired, embarrassing her," as he told E! News. Then Sprouse responded fan to see Palvin walking on the runway, which Twitter users are falling for.

In 2018, Winnie Harlow became the first model with Vitiligo to walk the Secret Victoria runway.

The Canadian model, Winnie Harlow, won one of her dreams when she was announced that she would be running the show this year for the first time. The Breakthrough of the Year Model was 24 to the Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards in September.

Harlow, who has a rare skin condition vitiligo, told Vogue that she wanted to "break down existing beauty standards" at the Victoria & Secret Secret.

"Representation is so important, and I want to do it [stand for] every girl, "he said." Every woman. "

Adriana Lima left the Victoria & Secret Secret Show in 2018.

Lima began modeling as a teen and joined Victoria's Secret at an early stage when he walked during the 1999 fashion show. He signed an official contract with the brand in 2000, making it an Angel Secret Secret for the next 18 years.

She seems to have emotional as she walked for the last time at the 2018 runway, and then she took Instagram to thank her and her supporters throughout her career.

The Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show will be on 2 December at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Find out more about how to watch & show here.

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