Sunday , December 5 2021

An 85 year old man shares a weight loss journey on Instagram


This is one journey of weight loss you want to follow.

davidcyril_sw / INSTAGRAM

This is one journey of weight loss you want to follow.

Sharing your weight loss journey on Instagram is not a new one, but we have not seen many 85 year olds doing it.

Perhaps that is why David Cyril has become an idea of ​​this with the internet with a new Instagram account.

The 85-year-old person from Lancashire, England, says he has joined Instagram to get the "encouragement needed" to reach his target weight.

In his first first job, Cyril explains how he joined the Slimming World dieting group but was finding it hard to keep the pressure away.

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"I've been a member of Slimming World for a couple of years, but after I've lost 2 stones to start, I've hugged up my first weight," Cyril explained, with a picture of it sitting in recline and hold a book recipe.

"My daughters suggested that I started this account after one of them read a picture on her own Slimming World account that she liked and liked positive feedback. I believe this account gives me the encouragement to reach my target Thank you for stopping! "

Most of the jobs show Cyril feed healthy and healthy snacks and share regular updates of the amount of pressure he has lost to date (13lbs, by biting).

He even won a special prize: Mr Sleek 2018.

Since establishing its account in September, Cyril has rushed up to 50,000 followers – and he's definitely getting enough encouragement now.

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