Thursday , January 20 2022

A simpler for the R21 2021 World Cup


The English Hosts will open the 2021 Rugby World Cup and will be seated alongside the title of Australia, New Zealand and Tonga.

Details of the draw were unveiled on Monday following a four-day congress of the International League of Rugby International Federation.

The Rugby & Rugby World Cup has increased from teams 14 to 16, making it simpler, with the top two teams of each of the four ponds going on to last quarter.

The broadcasts for the three World Rugby League Cups, including the women's and wheelchairs events, will be made in England on November 27, 2019, just two years before the end of 2021.

The second boot will include the two teams of the Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, and Lebanese tire teams, all of which have qualified automatically after reaching the final eight of the 2017 League Rugby World Cup.

The final two pipelines will include qualified, based on their world position, including the most recent qualified two sides, France and Wales.

After failing to benefit from a European championship, Ireland and Scotland are hoping to gain a qualification in the second attempt in 2019, while the United States, Chile, Jamaica and Canada will provide one qualification of the American championship in Jacksonville this week.

The women's tournament will start on the quarter of the men's quarter in 2021.

"One of the main goals was to hold the most inclusive World Cup Rugby World Cup at all times and I'm delighted that we have confirmed that," said Jon Dutton, Chief Executive of the Rugby World Cup.

"It was important that we showed commitment to tier nations, and the increasing maturity of the World Cup with a clearer format."

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