Thursday , June 30 2022

A mother on the internet wants to feed her nine-year-old daughter


A decision when to give the best to feed your child's child can be a difficult one. For me, I breastfeed my children for three months after they were born. Choose me easy, but that's not easier for other mothers.

There have been many people who have had genuine benefits and disadvantages towards extended nursing. I did some research and the advantages summarized in an article published by Living and Loving that said it was a good source of nutrients to small (or grown). It also creates stronger relationships and comfort between mother and child.

Live Strong, on the other hand, talks about the discounts to extend breastfeeding. Some of these include planning around your child's feeding time that could interfere with your schedule, pain and stress that is placed on a mother's mother (for those who are # 39; do not have trouble with milk), and do not forget what the public must say about it.

My first response to reading this story was "hello no!" My request for a nine year old child with my teeth would not be attached to my mother.

He feels rather inappropriate. I mean that my eldest son is eight, and I'm sure he's a boy and so it's different to a girl, but if I'm thinking about my daughter six, and there's a # 39; It's hard to imagine she and me in this kind of situation.

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He mentioned the article that the conversation did not come up for feeding Charlotte at his school. Well, now after it's been published and shared around the world, I'm sure that that is not the case, and one can assume that the comments are flowing fast and fast.

I'll know all of my own, but for me, yikes!

KZN girls, what age do you think moms should stop breastfeeding? Should they force themselves naturally or force them to give it up? Share your comments with me below.

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