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A massacred attack in the US city with a large community against the vaccine


The North Carolina school with a large anti-vaccine community is at the heart of the biggest cases of chickenpox in the country in the decades, says officials.

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Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper reported on Friday, 36 students at Asheville Waldorf School diagnosed with ill health.

The school has one of the highest state religious exemption rates, enabling students to get rid of vaccination.

US health officials said that vaccination was much safer than having a rash.

"These are the most cases of state vaccine vaccination cases that health officials are aware of since the vaccine becomes available," North Carolina Department of Health spokesman told the BBC in an e-mail statement.

Outside 152 Waldorf students, 110 have not received the vaccine for the most widely known varicella virus such as rash rash, the Citizen-Times is found.

And 67.9 per cent of school nursery students had exceptions of religious immunization on file in the 2017-2018 school year, according to state data.

The primary school co-operated totally with local health officers and complied with all the laws of North Carolina, said the school spokesman told the BBC.

"We find that our parents are motivated to choose exactly what they want for children. We, as a school, do not discriminate based on a medical history or a child's medical condition."

Buncombe County, home to the city of Asheville, has a population of over 250,000, the highest rate of religious immunization exceptions in the state.

Local health officers monitor the situation in detail, according to the county's health department.

"We want to be clear: Vaccination is the best defense of chicken rash," said Dr Jennifer Mullendore, County Medical Director, in a statement.

"When we see high numbers of children and adults who are not killed, we know that sickness as chickenpox can easily spread through the community – to our playgrounds, our grocery stores and sports teams. "

North Carolina law requires some immunizations, including lamb, measles and puppies for nursery children, but the state allows medical and religious exemptions.

Most religions do not ban vaccination, but in recent years some US parents have been scared for damaging reactions to vaccines.

Although there are some bad reactions, such as allergies, to vaccines, the medical community has evicted the vast majority of these fears, and groups, including the World Health Organization and the American Pediatric Academy, encourage vaccination .

What is an induction?

Cerebral poisoning is a viral infection that causes rash, frail, and similar fever. In severe cases, it can lead to complications such as meningitis, pneumonia and death.

The virus spreads through contact or cough and spread, although it is not so infectious with measles, which can be spread without any contact.


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