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A GP urges Australians to be vaccinated as nearly 50,000 are diagnosed with flu t


This flu season could be one of the worst ever, compared to fears of up to 4,000 Australians who could die from this year's murder virus, health experts have warned.

Nearly 50,000 cases of influenza have already been confirmed in 2019 – nearly three times the number currently recorded in recent years.

According to ABS statistics, 1,255 people died from flu in the 2017 season horror epidemic.

Dr Richard Kidd, chairman of the Australian Medical Association General Practice Council is afraid that this year's death toll could be much worse after the early start of the flu season.

'We could see 4,000 Australians dying from flu or complications this year; said Brisbane GP.

Nearly 50,000 Australians have been diagnosed with flu this year, amid fears that the death toll could rise to 4,000 nationwide this year  t

Nearly 50,000 Australians have been diagnosed with flu this year, amid fears that the death toll could rise to 4,000 nationwide this year t

Dr Kidd told Australia's Daily Mail that hospital figures and deaths were already higher than the average in Queensland, and he expected these would continue to rise nationally.

I know that admission rates to the hospital and intensive care units have been higher than the previous, he said. '' I believe across the country, the figures are likely to get worse, and it 's a lot of money. he said.


The flu diagnoses between 1 January and 15 May by stating: t

ACT – 312

NSW – 12,053

NT – 662

QLD – 10,506

SA – 12,885

TAS – 771

VIC – 4,627

WA – 2,420

TOTAL – 49,361

With the data already on hand, [the rate of infection] already two or three times higher than previous years. # 39;

Up to 15 May, 49,361 laboratory confirmed cases of flu were reported to the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System, and 88 flu related deaths.

Recently an international flu expert and head of research at the National Center for Immunization Research, Professor Robert Booy, said the figures were among the worst ever for this time of year.

'It seems to be a relatively severe flu season, &; Professor Booy said in Australia Daily Mail this week.

Last year it was a quiet season and as a result, many people have not suffered the latest flu strain. Time will say but there is a long way to go to the top of the monster epidemic from 2017. & # 39;

NSW Health published the first of its weekly Flu Surveillance Reports for the year this week.

The figures showed that the influenza season had started early, with 856 flu cases confirmed for the week ending May 12, higher than the 812 notifications in the previous week.

'Respiratory presentations to NSW emergency departments increased and remain higher than the normal range; the report says.

The flu continued to circulate above the normal range seen for this time of year; strain A mainly. # 39;

West Sydney had the highest number of cases with 192, then north Sydney (158) and Sydney's south-east (120).

We have seen unusually high numbers of flu cases recorded across Australia over the warmer months leading up to the winter; NSW Communicable Disease Director, Dr Vicky Sheppeard said in a statement.

The flu has already claimed 26 lives in Victoria this term, including three young children, the health minister, Ms Minakos, described as uncommon.

Other deaths were aged care residents.

We see a lot of communicable diseases being spread by traveling abroad, certainly that's true for measles cases and outbreaks of flu, & nbsp; Ms Mikakos told reporters.

We've seen a very significant summer flu season this year due to people coming back from the northern hemisphere with the flu and spreading in the community.

A Department of Health spokeswoman said an unusual increase in flu from November 2018 – but this is not uncommon, particularly in tropical regions, as the flu spread through the year.

In addition, the increase during the earlier part of 2019 may also be the result of infected passengers returning from countries in the northern hemisphere where the seasonal flu epidemics occurred, 'he said.

Dr Kidd said that there were many variables in determining how bad each flu season would be, including whether high rates of flu in other parts of the world would be carried on to Australia through tourists, one and one the disease was rolling, and the level of immunization.

We can't control most of that, but we can control people who have a vaccination, and we can't control it. he said.

Everyone should be able to shoot from the flu;

Richard Kidd's GP said it was important that everyone had a flu shot, especially pregnant women who are most at risk of the potentially fatal infection.

Richard Kidd's GP said it was important that everyone had a flu shot, especially pregnant women who are most at risk of the potentially fatal infection.

Dr Kidd captured anti-soldiers for their unknowing views; and said that the increase in anti-vaxx messages on social media was quite upsetting; he saw it.

I'm worried that ignorant people, out, give false messages for no reason, he said. It's going to cause real harm to some people.

They could turn someone who was going to get a shot against him, and [that person] he could become ill and die. # 39;

Dr Kidd said the latest flu vaccine had two strains A and two B, which were expected to be the worst this year.

For some people; he said, 'the rescue could be a life saving.'

He said pregnant women in particular should consider getting the shot from the flu if they had to have it before November, as the vaccine was new and its target was better for changing stress.

'If [pregnant women] You can get the flu they can get more sick than others and it can be disastrous for them and their unborn baby, 'he said.

A Brisbane GP said that anyone should display their own isolation symptoms or consider a face mask to prevent the spread of the disease.

Anyone with flu symptoms should stay at home, because for some people, it is fatal; he said.

If you suspect someone in your office is displaying symptoms, keep a good meter or two of them, and perhaps encourage them – if you can see that they are running stupid, wild and boring t , suggest they have a face mask, or you can have one too. # 39;

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