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16-year-old organs who have died after a severe allergic reaction have organ donations


A young man in Auckland, who died from a severe allergic reaction, has enabled the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver to save others.

Edyn Rubena-Misilisi, from Manurewa, died on Sunday after suffering a severe anaffylactic shock due to nut allergy.

The 16-year-old was abolished on Friday, wearing the school wearing and with a saxophone, Mom Bonita Misilisi said Stuff.

Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction, which often affects many parts of the body, including breathing difficulties, sudden decrease in blood pressure, or both, after New Zealand Allergy.

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Edyn was given a meal at a friend's house last Wednesday when a response began.

He did not want to point out, Edyn stopped home, where she could spray herself with one of three Epipens – an adrenalin administration device to tackle allergic reactions.

She then called 111. Paramedics came within seven minutes, the family said.

Mam Edyn, alongside firefighters and paramedics, took turns to perform CPR at home for 10-15 minutes before she was taken to Middlemore Hospital.

Edyn with parents Morris and Bonita.

After delivery

Edyn with parents Morris and Bonita.

Dad Morris Misolled said that Edyn had had similar reactions and tried not to point himself to himself, but it was not just as significant as this.

She was strong and she never wanted to worry anyone, she said.

Edyn was in coma until Sunday, when her parents decided to put her organs.

Although he is going against their cultural values, "Edyn would have wanted this," said her mother.

Bonita said that Edyn was called her mother, "she always was involved with other people and not herself."


Edyn said that people had to take food allergies seriously.

People with food allergies and their families were encouraged to know what to look for and get a plan in action in case of response.

His father said that people who suffered from allergies need to be a bit more vigilant ".

His message to young people would not be afraid to "put anyone out" by having an allergy.

Edyn was in a friend's house last Wednesday when she started to get an allergic reaction. He went home to use his Epipen, but fell unconscious. He died in the hospital on Sunday.


Edyn was in a friend's house last Wednesday when she started to get an allergic reaction. He went home to use his Epipen, but fell unconscious. He died in the hospital on Sunday.


Friends said Stuff Edyn was confident and touched meeting new people and making new friends.

"She was respectful. She was really fun and liked joking around," said one.

They described it as smart, innovative, determined, inspirational and encouraging.

She loved music, including K-Pop (Korean pop music) and can rap in Japanese.

"She never let her allergy keep her back – she would handle the situation on her own," said another friend.

Edyn attended the Girls Girls Grammar School for years 9 and 10, before moving to Manurewa High School.

She was in the Kahurangi unit, and studied English, tea and Japanese, said her parents.

In a shared tribute on Facebook and to a website, Manurewa High School said that Edyn was "an excellent student who was fully involved in the life of our school and living our values".

"Edyn stimulated our vision of Piki atu ki te rangi, Aim, strive for excellence," said the site.

As well as being a "hard working and accomplished scholar", Edyn played a school saxophone, Mit Eldnar, and was involved in Environmental Advice.

"Edyn was always generous with her time and always thought of other people," said the school.

"Thank you for the time we were able to share with you, thank you for being such a great person. You have been a real credit to the values ​​and support given to you by your parents and so on. All losing you, rest in peace.

"Our hearts are sobbing to the family under the cloud of sadness. For Edyn's daughter, go to become a star that will shine with us forever.

"Here we all can do is smile. Go, be in peace."

A Fixed page has been set up to help the family with expenses.

More than $ 13,294 have been awarded to date.

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