Wednesday , September 28 2022

Wilhelmina Children's Hospital starts with children Research with fever Q



The Wilhelmina Children's Hospital Doctors (WKZ) in Utrecht have indicated Q-support that they want to start studying children with Q's fever. In particular, there is a 100,000 euro sponsored for this purpose by the Noord-Brabant province play an essential part in this regard, & # 39; says Q-support.

First research design

Annemieke de Groot, Q-support director, and medical advisor Alfons Olde Loohuis, are enthusiastic about this commitment. Annemieke de Groot: & Prof. Dr. Nico Wulffraat, pediatrician and rhetorologist immunologist, Professor Dr. Dr. Elise van de Putte, Pediatrician Social Pediatrician and Researcher in child tiredness complaints and Professor Dr. Dr. Hans Knoop of the Dutch Information Center for Chronic Tiredness (NKCV) has indicated that they want to write their first design design and want to start seeing and treating children with a Q-fever. The contribution of the province makes this first step , potentially important. & # 39;

Need a further 4 tonnes & # 39;

Alfons Olde Loohuis: This is a very good start, but we are not there again. To do good scientific research, still much money is needed. Then you have to think about four hundred other euros. Very few are known about children with a fever Q. It is even thought for a long time that children can not keep long-term complaints about a Q fever infection. Further research is therefore absolutely necessary. & # 39;

Difficult action

Patients also feel that the need for research and treatment of children with Q fever is also great. So patients have started a crowdfunding campaign especially for this purpose.

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