Monday , June 27 2022

Wendy van Dijk wants to introduce Songfestival with Martijn Krabbé NOW


Wendy van Dijk finds Martijn Krabbé a suitable presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest who would like to talk to him about the show with each other. He announced that on Monday 6 Inside.

In the program, some well-known Dutch people were asked who they thought would be appropriate to present the festival presentation, which was won by the Netherlands thanks to Duncan Laurence.

Van Dijk says that she has heard Krabbé's name many times and believes that she should not do it alone. "Then I thought: I'm related next to that!" Idols, X Factor and for years TIt's our Voice has to be introduced. We are a good set. So I'd say: Martijn and me! ", Said the presenter.

Albert Verlinde was not very enthusiastic about Van Dijk's direct approach. "Wendy, you're love, but you're not going to shout that you have to do it yourself," she replied.

Gerard Joling would not say no

Gerard Joling also likes to introduce the event. It is Beau van Erven Dorens, Jan Smit and Chantal Janzen, but they would say nothing. "They can always ring me, open to anything," said the singer.

Paul de Leeuw says Coen and Sander Show he would like to introduce him from the Green Room, but he would prefer to see young talent. We see a role for Emma Wortelboer, who gave the points on behalf of the Netherlands on Saturday night. "She was a bit hysterical, but funny," said the presenter.

De Leeuw believes that the show should be approached internationally. "I think you should think seriously about people like Doutzen Kroes; international people with talent too."

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the Netherlands thanks to Laurence's 2020 victory. It is not yet known in which city the festival will be organized. Many cities have applied and they have to submit a plan.

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