Thursday , August 11 2022

Up to 770,000 players from Apex Legends have been deceived NOW


Respawn Entertainment, a battle-royal game creator Apex LegendsSince February, 770,000 players have had access to the game because of cheating.

The developer writes in an update on Reddit that the number Apex– competitions hindered by cheating behavior have fallen by more than half in the last month. 335,000 players were banned from the game in the first month because of cheating.

A new reporting center for misconduct "had a big impact on the discovery of new fraudsters, including cheating methods that we could not find earlier". The developer was able to add these methods to the automatic detection system, Respawn writes.

The company doesn't want more details about the fight against fraudsters. Hackers could abuse that.

Apex Legends was launched without announcement on 2 February this year. Within a month, 50 million people had downloaded the game.

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