Thursday , June 30 2022

Two chief officers away from incredible OM Interior


Jet Hoogendijk leaves the Central Netherlands parquet; she becomes a judge in court in Amsterdam. Bart Nieuwenhuizen leaves Hague and becomes a councilor in the court at Den Bosch. Both change to their application and their own initiative, let the OM know. They begin their education as judge in April next year.

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There were only losers here

He has been rushing for a period at the top of the Public Prosecution Service. Chief prosecutor Charles van der Voort of a public prosecutor left Zeeland-West Brabant resigned voluntarily, and became known last month. The deputy chief officer and operator of operations will also increase at the end of this year. The departure of the summit follows an external inquiry into culture in the office of public prosecutor. This has shown that there is a poor working environment and lack of transparency.

Also, the main prosecutor of Rotterdam, Marc van Nimwegen and the chief officer Marianne Bloos were also sent from the official prosecutor's office with special holidays as well. Both would have been loved for years that they were hiding inside.


Jan Watse Fokkens's led committee investigates the relationship and alleged breaches of integrity in the Public Prosecution Service. The research is expected this year.

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