Friday , August 19 2022

The right hand Rob Jetten (D66) goes to Shell: "Incredibly that people are getting so free"


Elise van Zeeland, 29, came in as a policy officer and was a political adviser to Alexander Pechtold and now to Rob Jetten. Her party D66 has profiled herself as a green party in recent elections.

Van Zeeland's leader, Rob Jetten's leader D66, was portrayed as a climate trap; and he was proud of him. As a political consultant, Van Zeeland was also involved in climate plans.

Climate tramer

After four years of politics, we have time to get something new, we tell RTL News. "I like doing something other than politics. My dad has worked for Shell for 30 years, and although he is in the IT department, I still feel a bit like that I follow I'm very proud to be working in Shell .I've also worked hard for it. "

He announced his new post on Twitter. The tweet released the tongues immediately. "You can still take yourself seriously," those who criticized critics wrote. A: "What is the principle," "It's like money improves every wound."


Van Zeeland had expected a negative response to his career move, but he was surprised that people were getting so free. "As if Shell were in the big squad. I also have lots of positive links with Shell. It's a very big company. And very important to our economy."

Shell "is busy greening herself," he said. "I'm going to contribute to that energy transformation. I'm going to support all sorts of different teams with innovations."


For D66, Van Zeeland was closely involved in the discussions about the climate plans. Now she's taking her knowledge to her network to Shell. That also causes criticism.

"Of course, it's always true if you're working somewhere else first, you're gaining experience and expertise. It's not true that I have access to everyone. In D66, I've been busy with all sorts of things, not just with the climate. "

Van Zeeland says it is a great pleasure for D66. "I had a great time. I just wanted a new challenge."

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