Tuesday , August 9 2022

The new season The Kantine TV starts with a special introduction


As well as looking back, it's also time for a series of releases to the new press. In this way Chantal Janzen crawls into the skin of Mariska Bauer and Elise Schaap is transformed into the Famke Louise Internet phenomenon. Paul de Leeuw is transformed as a member of the All Holland Bakt jury, Robèrt van Beckhoven and Ilse Warringa also visits De TV Kantine as Sanna Wallis de Vries.

Carlo and Irene perform roles, including Twan Huys, Nikkie de Jager, Van Rossums, Angela de Jong, Femke Halsema, Albert Verlinde, Janny van der Heijden, André van Duin and Louisa a Rowan.

The TV Canteen will be available at RTL 4 weekly at 22:00 on Saturday 30 March.

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