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The Hague FM »Causes of death deaths Huijgenspark is still a mystery, possibly an infection

November 21, 2018, 10:54


It is likely that the local residents will not poison dead disorders in the Huijgenspark. The animals do not sleep and eat in the same place, so the animals can not be poisoned at the place and the place is great. The city council writes this in response to questions from the Party for the Animals.

In recent months, death disorders have been found in the park several times, about 340. "According to experts, the most obvious causes of death are viral infection or poisoning. Virus infection in birds is not usually infectious to humans and animals, "according to city authorities. Three different organizations have now been investigated by the dead animals, but no cause of death has been found. There is one other investigation. The results are expected soon.

If there is any question of poisoning, this has not happened in the park. Huijgenspark is a regional sleeping place for many disorders. Normally, food is not asked for a sleeping place.

Photo: Dierenambulance Den Haag

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