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The ground is flat. People in Groningen believe that too


"We are all being cheated on a huge scale."

By: Geert Jan Darwinkel

You could imagine that something in the sky is Winsum. Not only does Heslinga come from, it is also the birthplace of Niburu, one of the plotting groups; largest in the Netherlands.

Thinking is flourishing, it seems. On Netflix, for example, the documentary Behind the Curve (Daniel J. Clark, 2018) is popular. It shows how the organization is calling itself a Broad Flat, people who are convinced that the earth is flat, growing steadily.

Frans Heslinga has of course also seen him. Or no, that's not natural. Heslinga doesn't watch TV and doesn't read newspapers. "That's bad for the brain," he said. "All those lies have been reported there …"

Tackle in Assen

In Assen, a number of locations had been scattered with slogans in the last few days, which seemed to come from conspiracy thinkers. According to RTV Drenthe, they, among other things, are 'Stop v2k'; in a number of settings. That would stand for Stop Voice to Skull, a conspiracy theory in which the government would influence people through microwaves.

The Heslinga Frans makes a gesture of flat tags; (Photo: Geert Jan Darwinkel / RTV Noord)

Random conspiracy theory

But does conspiracy thinking really increase? The British newspaper The Guardian researched and thought it had done earlier this year. Case: the algorithms of YouTube, according to the newspaper.

People who watched a video about a random conspiracy theory on the film site (landing the moon, 9/11 or the murder of JFK) were then made aware of other conspiracy films – mostly flat soil films. Or did they not want to see it?

Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, after his recent explosion at the Volkskrant, had a lot of criticism and was particularly boring. That happened to actor George van Houts, who developed his theory 9/11 at Pauw's table. And because of that ridicule, the conspiracy thinkers themselves say, the movement is actually much more than it seems. "Ninety per cent of us are still in the cupboard."

Is that really true? Is the movement very much? And is there more thought today in conspiracy than in the past? There are no hard or scarce figures (seven per cent of Americans believe that the landing on the moon has been maintained), but because of the coverage it is received via the internet and especially media socially, that impression exists, agrees teacher Jaron Harambam.

Historical investigations

"In fact, this is more visible," said this sociologist, who immersed himself for two years in the world of conspiracy thinkers, and who even got his PhD in 2017 on a conspiracy mind.

We continue: But different historical studies say the opposite of the opposite. To the contrary, they show that conspiracy thinking is always something and it was even more common in the past than now. # 39;

We are human to trust in the groups we do not trust or have power

Jan-Willem van Prooijen – conspiracy psychologist

That's also the conspiracy psychologist Jan-Willem van Prooijen said in a column for Vrij Nederland this week. "As soon as the Middle Ages, Jewish people were accused of poisoning the water supply, and women were burnt as witches, having been accused of conspiracy with the devil. We all have a thought conspiracy." Our human instinct to trust the groups we don't trust or have power. "

The video column of Jan-Willem van Prooijen in the United Nations for conspiracy thinking:

But Frans Heslinga, who prefers to call himself a complete thinker, sees the number of thinkers co-conspiring. Slow but sure. "People wake up one by one," he said.

Who is this self-published conspiracy thinker number one? Frans Heslinga was born in 1958 in Winsum, the son of an electrician and a housewife. Two brothers, two sisters. Protestant-Christian was raised, but: 'Religion limits you in your development. Whoever does not know must believe, I always say. The Bible has been rewritten 43 times, what can you assume?

Groningen HES

Heslinga received her Nima A, B and C before studying economics at HES in Groningen. He then went on to work for an advertising agency in Gorkum, became a product manager at Chest-Brocades in Delft, which taught economics at Hanze College in Zwolle for five years, and then began a marketing consultancy which ended with a publishing company, 27 employees and four different countries.

Trade magazines on health, health and tanning beds were sold in eight countries. Until a company from Germany bought its publishing house, and Heslinga remained independent as a trade show organizer.

Not all sounds so alien. What triggered the mind of a conspiracy?
Heslinga: 'That happened in 2013, when my old football coach Anton Teuben came to me, also from Winsum. He was one of the first UFO experts in the Netherlands and wanted to set up an event. Having had experience of organizing trade fairs, it came to me. "

And that's how it happened. Heslinga, who currently lives in Houten in Utrecht: 'If you are offered the True Trail, you can make two mistakes: you can't go up the path, and you can't go all the way down the path. And that's also important to me: bringing the truth out. "

The ground is flat

One of those "truths," according to Heslinga, is that the earth is flat, surrounded by a wall of ice, with the northern pole in the middle, and with a huge dome over it. He has been convinced of that for five years.

From 2014, I began to deepen myself, and focused on all the information I could get. That meant three, four hours of study each day. I wanted to know everything. "

William Shakespeare for example. It has never existed

Frans Heslinga – conspiracy thinker

Hole in the trunk

What was his first "truth"? "Of course, 9/11 was what many people woke up," Heslinga said.

'Me too. An airplane is made of aluminum one and a half centimeters thick. If a dove flies against it, you have a hole in your body. Of course, it is impossible that an airplane of such a flight is in a tower of concrete to be reinforced. Kletskoek. You will then investigate. I started to follow each known conspiracy thinker. View all videos and documentaries. And not just once, but many times. This is how you discover the most amazing things. William Shakespeare for example. Never be. "

"No." A group of English aristocrats wanted an English counterpart from some famous American authors, and began writing stories under the name Shakespeare. I'm me.

"The moon landing, something like that. It never happened. But President John F. Kennedy had called in 1961:" We will be on the moon in ten years, "so you have to do And that If you can't do it, mock it. But the moon is not relevant at all, as a group of Freemasons you can't walk over at all. Actually: no astronaut has ever been in space. But yes, NASA receives $ 57 million a day, so you naturally want to continue with that fairy tale. "

"JFK was not killed at all!"

"Was he killed?"

Well, it's clearly killed. But by whom, back to you?
"He was not killed at all! No. These actors assume they are dying, and then continue with their lives in peace elsewhere. He was just like that, he was splitting up with Charles at the time, coming out of the car with nothing.

Look at the images of her; Funeral, her sons can hardly hold their laughter back, as they know it's false. Elvis and Michael Jackson have also staged their death. Intimates knows that Jackson has left Canada, where he can make his own shopping in peace again. "

Kennedy's murder was false, says Frans Heslinga (Photo: ANP) t

The longer the craier

Heslinga can continue for a while. And I like to do that. And whoever allows him to sit on his chair can talk for a while having fun. We roll from one conspiracy theory to another. Just keep an eye on it. And they get crazier through the time, those conspiracy theories.

The Titanic for example. "Never sunk." Albert Einstein? "What is a villain, with his theories, that one of them has not survived." Steven Hawking? "That man had no idea what he was. The most wise man in the universe, who he apparently couldn't speak. By the way, right? No: someone from NASA was recording & # 39 It was not itself, come on! '' Dinosaurs? 'You have never existed. Dragons, by the way, is. "

Of course Heslinga sometimes speaks to other people. They considered it a crazy conspiracy, clown, great.

"Well, that's not my worry at all. Difficult to tell about yourself, but I'm very aware. I have long gone the stage of anger. If someone finds something else, good. I'm fine. Of course, the first response from people is often that it is a joke. But isn't it a coincidence that a world is compulsory in every classroom? You can tell children everything until they are seven years old. "

Paranoid madness

By the way, Harambam's teacher – regardless of Heslinga's conviction, says that he doesn't know – think you shouldn't definitely put conspiracy thinkers away like paranoian madmen. You can find them in all backgrounds. From high to low education, from the left to the right, and from the young to the old. And most of the conspirators think that they see themselves as critical citizens who don't follow the forces, Haramabam knows.

And that's fine too, we think: 'There is a lack of healthy trust of what the foundation authorities offer us is very normal. Being critical is important. In addition: of course the other is not one conspiracy theory. It's making a difference whether you're an antivirus or whether you think that 9/11 is false. You will also find conspiracy thinkers in all sorts of degrees. There are some who trust all the information, and there are some who have been dramatically inspired by themselves. "

His colleague Van Prooijen at the UN: 'What is in every person is taking the worst if they feel threatened. And a little worse than a group of enemies who deliberately plot to make your life miserable. "

Harambam: 'Sometimes conspiracy thinkers are also right. Look at the last raid in Iraq, when it was claimed that they were looking for Mass Destruction Weapons. This happened on the basis of incorrect information. "

The person who is talking about his turn is the pinch

Nobody has to tell Frans Heslinga. Because: "We all get cheated on a huge scale." But watch out, we warn, as whoever speaks in turn is goof.

The KLM pilot lives here at Lelystad, which also regularly attends concerts with us. He flew in from those big Boeings. He honestly told her headteachers that her equipment always showed that she was flying over flat ground. Since then, she has been doing desk work and is no longer allowed to fly in the air. I am convinced that many more pilots know how things really work. But they want to continue flying for a while, so they prefer to keep their mouths closed. "

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