Monday , June 27 2022

The ex-offender of the Inner Hag is an owner of an ice cream parlor


The case of a Hague business woman was hit by an explosion which caused utter trouble. The police said they were investigating the issue.

Last week, Reda N. destroyed his father's case after throwing a projector in. The travel agency Royal Tours was completely ruined. Father N. then told this newspaper that he had very little connection with his son. He had to appear before the court in the Hague that day because of a collection case. Justice wants to see 6 tonnes because two robberies made Reda N. with associates in two capital villas.

Reda N. is a famous Hague villain with many friends but also enemies in the area where he grew up, the neighborhood of Schilderswijk in the Hague.

He informed himself last week through his lawyer Chrisje Zuur that he had no idea that was after his father.

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