Thursday , January 20 2022

Tai Robin Thicke and Gerard Butler have been destroyed by fire | NOW


The house of singer Robin Thicke and actor Gerard Butler were destroyed on Sunday by the great forest fire plaguing the southern state of California.

After Hollywood celebrities such as Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano, Caitlyn Jenner and Martin Sheen to flee millions of thousands in southern California due to the ongoing forest fires, Julia Roberts family have also left their homes. These reports are The Hollywood Reporter.

Butler and Thicke lived in Malibu. All the inhabitants of that city had to leave the city a few days ago because of the fire. In other cities around Los Angeles, such as Thousand Oaks, people have also fled from their homes.

But Butler is calling the situation hard, but says he has inspired the bravery of the firefighters trying to turn off the fire.

Thicke, her girlfriend, April Love Geary and her children were away in time to escape the fire. The couple returned to their home when the fire was abolished there, nothing left behind the bungalow. "I'm so sad, but so grateful that we're safe", Geary wrote for a picture on Instagram.

The authorities in Malibu continue to emphasize staying away from the disaster areas as long as full security can not be guaranteed. The fire has been weird since Thursday afternoon and caused a lot of harm.

Caitlyn Jenner House was not destroyed

Earlier, it was reported that the house of Caitlyn Jenner had also destroyed, but that does not seem true now.

Actress Julia Roberts was one of the hundreds of thousands of people who had to leave their home in California on Sunday. In addition to two fires in the south of the state, there is a large forest fire in northern California.

At all, at least 25 people were killed. In the north of the state, the whole city of Paradise has been destroyed by the flames.

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