Wednesday , April 14 2021

Strong criticism of penalties & # 39; by Keolis

Carrier Keolis wants to start with an experiment, where a single-time penalty package is offered to black riders. At € 37.50 these offenders receive an OV chip card with ten journeys, and information about the desired behavior and payment methods for using the bus. However, there is a lot of commentary on social media.

The VVD party leader in Almere Ulysse Ellian calls the experiment on Twitter & nonsense & # 39; and notes that it sounds rather than facilitating black drivers rather than running it. According to Omroep Flevoland, the experiment still needs consent to the borough of Almere, but it is not yet known when the plan is being discussed by the council. Passenger organizations are also filling in the plan and social media, passengers accuse the carrier to drive valuable prices. But Keolis emphasizes that the package costs a total of € 37.50 and is worth only € 20.

Driving away black riders

The carrier's aim to propose this penalty package rather than eliminate the normal € 50 fine is not to drive non-smokers out of public transport, but to make sure they pay the next time. "At Almere we are experiencing the highest (national) number of passengers who do not look in and out for their bus journey, which costs us a lot of money and it also leads to a fall and aggression, even among paid travelers ", according to Chris Hogeveen concession agent.

"In this way we are trying to educate the newer fake behavior by instantly applying the OV chip card," Hogeveen explained the experiment. "This is expected to lead to fewer blackfighters and ultimately to less aggressive and violence, which will make everyone happier." Up to the end of the year this penalty package will cost 37.50 euros – after that it will be 40 euros.

One-off offer

It offers one-off. The public transport chip card actually offered is stored by Keolis, so that it can be checked when the card is redirected again. In that case, the offender will actually be fined for € 50. This also applies if the black marker is caught again within a short time of receiving the penalty package.

Social security has been a problem in Almere for years. Keolis has already taken action against this, but black riding continues to be a problem. In the first half of 2018, almost 700 times were announced for black riding, but many more checks have been made for several months. As a result, Keolis sees driving smaller houses and more registered trips. "This leads to the careful conclusion that the intense monitoring approach works and that black drivers do not run away, but pay more often", the carrier thinks.

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