Saturday , July 2 2022

Somfy-smarthome hubs Connexoon and TaHoma receive Assistant support – Image and sound – News t


Smarthome, Connexoon and TaHoma from Somfy centers can now be managed with a Google Assistant. Somfy makes cameras, shutters, curtains, garage doors and more. The centers also work with devices from other brands.

The two hubs already working with Amazon Alexa, Olisto and ifttt and Google Assistant are also added immediately. Users can operate intelligent devices in their house with voice commands, or go through a scenario. That 's a combination of commands, such as closing the curtains and reducing the lighting in the movie' s viewing scenario.

The Somxy Connexoon has been specially designed for managing compatible sun protection, shutters, garage doors and fences based on home control. TaHoma has wider compatibility. Somfy describes it as a hub that one can serve the whole living environment. We work with home control and RTS and Philips Hue lamps, Velux roof lights, Honeywell and Danfoss thermostats and Hitachi air conditioners.

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