Wednesday , June 29 2022

Rotterdam funeral driver: people, giving the best to honor


People are honored when a funeral car goes on, strange types that ask who died really or people who behave disrespectfully. The grief driver from Rotterdam, Jean-Louis Margaretha, has written his frustrations on Facebook about people's behavior when he's working. His piece now has hundreds of favorite things and has been shared thousands of times.

"It is difficult for us to park somewhere around the corner and walk down the street to the house with the stroke or funeral chest," we are writing. "What I now notice with some regularity is that although we are busy preparing transport for transport people are standing outside in the street behind our funeral car, and very simple in the hope that I would clear the way. "

Emotion up

In an explanation, Rotterdammer says that he noticed that the anti-social people in turn provoked aggressive behavior among the families of the deceased. "Sometimes we block the street because it can't be otherwise," said Margaret. "Then we stood in front of people, then you heard honored, then the emotion in the living room also rose."

He often walks outside to give an explanation. "Sometimes you get excuses, but sometimes you have people who say: pees up." Not all that aggressive behavior makes any sense at all. "The bus stays where it is, I explain that too," said Margaret. "We work on a deceased person." Sometimes there are excuses. But it also has an odd example of the opposite. "After I experienced a woman who was so angry that she was driving back and hitting in to someone else."

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