Friday , July 1 2022

Rotterdam does not see cannabis tests


Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb from Rotterdam sees the current design of the experiment with regulated cannabis treatment. If the Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Justice and Security, CDA) does not change this, it is unlikely that Rotterdam will be involved. This is what Aboutaleb writes in a letter to the minister.

The intention is that six to ten boroughs will be participating in the weed test, agreed with the formation of government. Aboutaleb thinks it's not too short, he writes in the letter: "Rotterdam would like to see the experiment to expand to include more boroughs and more types of experiments".

The mayor of Rotterdam also sees nothing in the condition that every coffee shop needs to take part in participating boroughs and has serious doubts about what will happen when the four-year trial has expired. If there is no continuation, coffee shops may still have to buy soft drugs by criminals.

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In Rotterdam there are almost forty coffee shops at present. Aboutaleb wants new coffee shops to come to the edge of the city especially for the experiment and that the existing coffeeshops continue on the existing foot. For example, it can be better compared, he writes in his letter: "Will the new sales points succeed in playing a significant part?" He emphasizes in principle that he is strongly in favor of experimenting with a type of regulated farming.

We have been discussing the regulation of cannabis growing for decades. Sales are tolerated, but large scale production and supply is prohibited.

Less and less enthusiasm

However, the enthusiasm for the process of chicken appears to be falling more and more. At the beginning of October, the mayor of Halsema Amsterdam said that he had no confidence in the design of the current test. Just like Aboutaleb, the justice requirement fell for every coffee in the city – about 160, the largest in the Netherlands – had to take part in the experiment. That would lead to large variations in the illegal market.

Also, the variation of weed species in the current arrangement of the experiment is very limited. There will be sixteen to twenty legal species on the market, while hundreds of different types are already sold in stores. With too limited supply, Hyssema is scared that the illegal street trade will increase.

Mayor Jorritsma Eindhoven also complained about the experiment at a local council meeting yesterday. The Hague would "slow down" and give rise to the experiment to the experiment. In Nijmegen there are concerns that the sale to foreigners is restricted. The Leeuwarden borough has already closed last week.

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