Thursday , July 29 2021

R. Kelly can not pay the deposit and he will stay in prison for the time NOW

American artist R. Kelly is staying in the cell because he can not pay the one million dollars to bail out. That's what his lawyer said on Sunday.

The judge decided the sum for the deposit on Saturday. Kelly had reported to the police on Friday. I have been officially charged with ten cases of sexual abuse.

"Right", said Steve Greenberg, the musician's lawyer, about whether his client is still caught. Saturday said his client was not as rich as his fame would suggest. "This is someone who should be rich at this stage of his career, but because of maladministration, poor contracts and poor treatments, he does not have any money at the moment."

Kelly is in court on Monday. During this session, he or she has the opportunity to admit guilty or to argue that he is innocent.

Victims made a story in a documentary document

The singer would have been abusing women for years. Some of the alleged victims made their story in the document Surviving R. Kelly.

So far, the legal case has included four victims, three of which are underage at the time of alleged abuse. Although the singer's lawyer claims that there is no evidence for the abuse, the prosecutor says that she has DNA material.

Kelly's sperm would have been found on her hairdresser. A video shows how Kelly also has sex with a fourteen girl in the hands of prosecutors.

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