Thursday , January 27 2022

Potterheads pay attention: in this city a pop-up shop opens


The temporary shop in Hoog Catharijne is dedicated to the jubilee of the Dutch Potter books. Just twenty years ago the young wizard was first in the Netherlands. In the shop many locations of J. K. Rowling's book series have been rebuilt. For example, Potterheads, as supported by the fans, can look at the library and student room. Pop-up Potter's shop continues style, 9¾ weeks, until the end of Christmas holidays.

"It's already very busy and we expect it to be completely stormy around Christmas," said Karlijn Klockenbrink from the popular shop. "Very bright, fans come here to talk to each other." A temporary visit to the store, according to Klockenbrink, must. "It's so magical that you have to have been here."

At the Potter shop, you can also buy all kinds of special items, such as the Choco Frogs and Beans in all the flavors on the shelves. The Potterheads can also find special editions of their favorite books. "And new things are added that are available in the store as a limited edition, and some things, such as the special edition of the books, are true, so people who come back can find out something new. "

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