Wednesday , September 28 2022

No new infections with EHV-1 Rhinopneumonia virus at the KWPN center in Ermelo



On October 26th, in the middle of the Warmblood Royal Studying Book in the Netherlands (KWPN) in Ermelo, the EHV-1 variant of Rhinopneumonievisus was determined by one of the autumn test stalls. There was also a stall with fever and stalls that showed a different form of movement as a step, but these two stalls were negatively tested on EHV-1 in a study by the Animal Health Service. The three stalls were tested again on 6 November and the results of the EHV-1 test were negative for each of the 3 stalls. There are no other stalls that have added EHV-1 symptoms.

In consultation with Professor Marianne Sloet, an expert in Internal Disease of the Equine in the Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Utrecht, it was decided to resume the performance test of the existing stalls. If the owners are raising the stalls in question, it is advisable to put these horses in a quarantine for at least another 14 days. In principle, the other stalls will remain in Ermelo until 24 November, and then 4 weeks after the last fever case goes well.

The KWPN center – and with the assessment days and final submission – is open again to the owners and interested parties. They have access to the KWPN office and the Willem-Alexanderhal stand. The stables are still closed to third parties until the final presentation. All employees and fixed riders will continue to work in accordance with a strict hygiene protocol until there is more notice, where matt disinfection is being used, among other things, and that the clothing is changed. KWPN manure removal occurs on the site itself.

For more information, see the site and the KWPN.

source: KWPN, 08/11/18

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