Sunday , July 3 2022

Nintendo gets two games out of the market in Belgium due to gambling rules


Nintendo makes both popular games Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a Fire Emotion Heroes in Belgium from the market. The Japanese gambling company has decided, as the Belgian gambling commission buys loot boxes looks like gambling. Virtual treasure boxes are these with extra objects in them, such as clothes or weapons.

Players who buy a loot box do not know in advance which item they will receive. Therefore, the Belgian regulator sees those games' games of chance. In part because of the fact that the games are often popular with minors, games developers can be fined and substantial imprisonment if they don't modify the games. The games can be downloaded for free on your mobile, but the unexpected packages cost money.

Nintendo in Belgium says that "the situation for some in-game revenue models" is unclear. That is why future Nintendo games with similar earnings models will no longer be released in Belgium.

Belgian players have bought items for both games, like Orbs or Leaf Tickets, can use these until 27 August. After that, the games can no longer be downloaded and played in Belgium.

Sometimes loan boxes are not for sale

This is not the first time that game developers have taken action in Belgium. American producer Electronic Arts stopped selling points for the popular FIFA football match early this year. The game's developer, Blizzard, put out the best selling loot boxes at last year's popular games in the country. Overwatch a Heroes of the Storm.

NOS op 3 made this video about last year's loot boxes. It explains why, according to the Dutch Gambling Authority, it sometimes looks like gambling: t

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