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Netflix announces the release date of 3 Casa de Papel

If a European series has caught the average Netflix user, it is La Casa de Papel. The Spanish series was a huge success in the first two seasons of its existence, but it has not finished telling the story. The third season of the series comes and we know exactly when that will happen.

Netflix reveals term release date 3 Turn Turn de de Papel

It was already known that La Casa de Papel's third term was coming. The sequence went to the hit series from Spain to produce some time ago and was not noticed. As well as the fact that Netflix had announced that the third season was coming up, many people on the street also recognized the recordings. This led to a number of impressive speculations and discoveries. But where all this was happening, there was a big question that filled our minds: when exactly does this third term come?

Today, Netflix has announced the end of La Casa de Papel's third season in the summer of 2019. The producer publishes the release date on a dangerous date via a short video . April 1 could be a joke, unless we now know that the third season is coming. Indeed: we've already seen a few things.

In the trailer for the release date we see all the main characters in the series enjoying their holidays. However, according to Netflix, the fun ends completely from 19 July. Earlier there were some doubts about the course's story during this season. However, it is now known that the characters are still being followed, despite the fact that they are abroad. In short: the hunt for the biggest criminals in Spain has started again after a long break.

So the third term can be seen on Netflix from 19 July 2019.

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Netflix announces the release date of 3 Casa de Papel

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