Tuesday , August 16 2022

Maxi Toys are buying Bart Smit Belgium Financial


In the Netherlands, Bart Smit's toy shops have merged into Intertoys. However, Intertoys went bankrupt this week. Intertoys stores remain open for the time being. There may be a re-launch.

Toys Maxi, such as Intertoys, was part of the Blokker Holding retail group for many years. The chain was taken with 170 stores in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg earlier this year by the Green Swan funder.

Topman Alain Hellebaut of Maxi Toys is enthusiastic about incorporating Bart Smit. "Thanks to this transfer, Maxi Toys is able to realize national attention in Belgium." Soon, Bart Smit's shops in Belgium will get the name Maxi Toys on the facade.

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