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HOORN – The combined Westfriesgasthuis staff at Hoorn and Waterland Hospital in Purmerend are also vaccinated most frequently with flu shock than in other years. This confirms a spokesman for the hospitals in front of NH News.

They can not give a specific reason why hospital staff are more likely to be vaccinated. According to the spokesman, a great deal of attention was paid to hospitals. "And there will certainly be a lot of influenza in patients and staff flu."

For example, there was a hospital stop in the Westfriesgasthuis in 2017 because there were too many patients with flu symptoms. One part was forced to sleep on the first aid and others were sent to Friesland. At the beginning of this year, many hospitals, including the Waterland hospital, had a shortage on the bed due to a flu epidemic.

There was also much national coverage. Association of the Dutch Hospitals campaigning and even minister Bruno Bruins tried to persuade hospital staff through a video message. "Getting the flu shot, it's a small effort. Protect yourself and patients."

Insufficient vaccinations
Also, Tergooi's hospitals in Hilversum and Blaricum this year have made huge use of the flu of the hospital's staff. The demand is so great that there are not enough vaccines available. One important reason for great interest is that many doctors and nurses have a long-term long-term flu in the past.

Microbiologist Doctor Wendelien, Dorigo, saw the results: "There were more sick people and if workers also had flu, they reinforce each other. Then you have fewer staff to look after the sick people and gave more workload. "

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