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How one of the biggest robbers has ever turned many lives upside down


Night between 2 and 3 March 2018 – the robbery

It's 1.30 a.m. The alarm goes off in the Rabobank in Oudenbosch. Two security officers rush to the bank. One of them enters the staff entrance and turns off the alarm.
The two then make another round of checks. Just during that time unknown men round two appear. They can walk in through that staff access, because the alarm is switched off.

Then the two unknown men stay there for 24 hours.

Early morning Tuesday 4 – the robbery was successful

On the early morning of Sunday, March 4, the same thing will happen. The alarm is switched off again. The two security officers arrive, turn off the alarm and run a control round. Just at the moment, the two unknown men who have been sitting in the bank for hours, sneak back outside. With loot.
One of the men is walking back to the bank. Just right now the security guards are returning from their rounds of checks and also getting into the bank.

Moments later, the unknown man disappears outside with two more large pockets. Both officers follow after 20 seconds. The men all carry over 300 lockers.

Monday, 5 March, 2018 – the bank will open

Our Monday morning. The bank opens. A bank worker walks unconsciously with a customer to the secure room. The worker does not know what he sees: safes have been stolen, there are secure deposit boxes everywhere. Hundreds of jewelery, coins and other objects lie on the floor.

The bank closes immediately. From that moment on, Rabobank is a crime scene in Oudenbosch.

Tuesday, March 6 – big headlines

Big headlines appear in newspapers and news sites: t Bank robbery! "Burglary in lockers Rabobank Oudenbosch, thieves without traces. "
The news of the robbery is coming out. In the first place, the theft appears less than expected. It is only in the following days that it becomes clear that this is one of the biggest bank robberies in our country.

Wednesday morning, March 7 – there are lives on their own

The phone is sung in Kees de Bruyn, a Rabobank customer. "A bank employee tells me that robbery is in the bank and I suppose my lockers are connected," Kees told RTL News in an earlier interview. We continued: "Next week we'll hear more. I was furious."

The police are announcing the work of professionals is the squat. "You don't do this as an occasional thief," said a police spokesman

The days after: the effect becomes clear

More and more victims of theft are being notified. Anger, tears, fear: the news turns upside down.
The bank is calling it a huge job to find out what belonged to the vault. It takes weeks. The thieves have left around 5,000 items on the floor, especially jewelery and coins.
The branch remains closed through time. "They are personal plays," said the director.

March 13 – police investigation in full swing

The police investigation is in full swing. There are several suggestions coming in, camera images are read. Customers who have been damaged get a letter with information about how to treat the damage. A special phone number has been opened.
The letter also states that customers can come and see their lockers from Monday 19 March. It can take months before customers return the things that the thieves leave behind. The bank remains closed.

9 April – the bank opens again

The bank will open again after more than a month. A third of all victims have been interviewed. It is also known that the police have been attacking the security company EBN, which secured the bank building, for a while.
Have the two attackers been helped by the security guards? It looks like. Documents from the security company are being seized.

April 30 – holding two security officers

An important success: after two house searches, the two security officers were arrested. Two men aged 45 and 43 from Roosendaal and Etten-Leur. They are thought to be part of the robbery. These are employees of the EBN security company. The lockers themselves remain fugitive.

May 15 – Verzocht Opsporing broadcast

In the Applications Detection program, surveillance images are broadcast for the first time. Everyone who knows more is asked to report. There are 20 suggestions coming in.

31 July – first public session

The first preparatory session begins. There the justice authorities say they are afraid that the loot is abroad. But where? I have no idea. It's likely that that caused great delays in the case, warning the judiciary. Both officers remain in custody.

19 December – the millions returned

The victims have received 7 million euros so far. In March, 90 per cent of victims must have received compensation.

21 May 2019 – substantial session begins

The significant dispute against the two former security officers arrested begins today. The security officers are still being kept and they are told what sanctions are being imposed against them.

The other two main people are still missing. The doubt is that they have disappeared abroad. Just like the loot.

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