Sunday , December 5 2021

Here is the girlfriend who loves Enrique Iglesias Entertainment


This is not the first time the singer has a sultry fan on stage and kisses with her. And that's why he was 39-year-old Josephina He has already been fantasy about him, he said News shown. And seeing, the moment came during his concert at Ziggo Dome on Friday. During his hit Hero They hide her, they dance each other and she kisses her again on the mouth. "I think: is this the case? What should I do now?"

Not sure she suspects her fantasies in advance. ,, I think: & # 39; When I'm there, I do so & # 39 ;. And he did not go back, so I'll pack him in his sandwich! "I & the question Churches if she is married, she says: No, I have a girlfriend, she is fine. But I meant: I think this is fine! And of course it also supports me, to Enrique Iglesias, I can make an exception, haha. "

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