Tuesday , August 16 2022

George RR Martin: HBO is working on three by-products of Game of Tons & # 39; | NOW


George R.R. Martin, author of the book series Game of Tons, confirms in his official blog that HBO is working on three Game Thronesassociated television series. Five spin-off series were mentioned in earlier reports by various American media.

Martin notes that one of the shows will be recorded later this year, while the remaining two are still working on the script. The shows can take thousands of years Game Thrones away. Martin noted in his blog that he could not say anything about the outcomes.

The final term of that series was held for the first time on 14 April this year. The final episode will be broadcast on 19 May in America, in the Netherlands a day later. Over 38 million supporters watched the latest episode.

Bryan Cogman, director of the second episode of last season Game of Tons, He recently confirmed that his derivative series had been canceled.

It's not sure at all whether there are several Game Thronesassociated television series. Casey Bloys, HBO manager, has noted on several occasions that there is probably no more than one outcome.

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