Wednesday , June 29 2022

Facebook measures to stop election influence work badly – IT Pro – News


The limitations Facebook promised to operate with political ads work badly. This is evident from the Freedom Bit test. With a German account, the civil rights organization was able to place a political advertisement aimed at Dutch people without any problems.

Bits of Freedom used a Facebook account of Germany with which the German credit card was linked to post a political advert aimed at the Dutch people. The organization created the page 'baudetteketet'; with the account and loading Forum for Democracy up, which was then promoted as an advert and aimed at Dutch citizens of a qualified age. Bits of Freedom argue that this is a similar advertisement to that used around the Brexit campaign to influence the outcome of the referendum.

With a Dutch Facebook account, Bits of Freedom was also able to advertise politically about the German political parties, the UDP and the AfD. The organization tells Nieuwsuur that there are about two thousand Germans in the paid position and that there is political debate in the responses.

In the run up to European Parliamentary elections, Facebook promised that political advertisements could only be placed in the country where the advertiser himself lived. This should prevent other countries from influencing. Facebook introduced those rules around the world and this was discussed with the House of Representatives last week in a round table discussion.

Facebook also said that images are compared to a database to recognize whether our advert is political. Pieces of Freedom say it uses memes that are easily recognizable, while it didn't happen. Part of the measures was also that Facebook would show who the advert came from and pay for it. This did not happen with Freedom Dots tests.

In response, Facebook notes that it is good that Things of Freedom raise this point; and that Facebook had the opportunity to make the most of the measures. The social network also states when publishing the measures that it says it is not possible to prevent abuse altogether. Facebook is calling on consumers to report suspicious advertisements.

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