Tuesday , August 9 2022

Elon Musk promises that Tesla will be able to drive completely autonomous next year – Image and audio – News


Elon Musk promises that cars from Tesla will be able to drive completely independently from a venue to a destination by the end of 2020. He speaks about full autonomy, which he could & # 39; The driver takes a nap in the meantime.

Musk also promises that the cars will be able to drive almost anywhere independently before the end of the current year, but then the driver must keep an eye on things. In other words, Musk promises level 3 independence before the end of 2019 and level 4 to 5 before the end of 2020. The CEO of Tesla, who says he is confident of his / her case, makes the statements in a podcast of ARK Invest, an investment company that has given money to the automaker.

Teslas currently has the correct system expansion and exit ramp packages that can drive independently on the motorway. There is really a lot of driving, but otherwise there are simpler conditions; for example, there are no cyclists or pedestrians. On the motorway, the car can organize speed independently, change jobs, steer through goals and take exit.

Wired states that Musk has made predictions of this type in the past and have not always come true. For example, parts of autonomous driving mid 2017 already available, but that has not happened. Bloomberg even has a web page that keeps all deadlines, both lost and executed. Teslas who is already running the band after October 2016 already has the hardware on board for independent driving. They wait on the software.

Competitors such as Waymo, Lyft and Uber also work on automatic driving and in part their own operation on each other. However, those companies are not generous with predictions such as the CEO of Tesla.

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