Monday , January 17 2022

Elections were opened in 37 boroughs for NOW municipal elections


The polling stations in 37 boroughs are open on Wednesday at 7:30 for the municipal elections. These are boroughs that were reused on January 1.

Groningen is the largest borough where voted on Wednesday. The borough has merged with Haren and Ten Boer. In total, around 190,000 voters can vote there. Almost 725,000 people can vote in the Netherlands.

People go to the surveys, including Hoeksche Waard, Het Hogeland, Westerkwartier, Northeast Friesland, West Betuwe and Vijfheerenlanden. In the new Haarlemmermeer, young people who were allowed to vote for the first time were able to vote during the evenings from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The polling stations will close at 9 pm. All boroughs assume the results are known before midnight.

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