Tuesday , May 17 2022

Dangerous mosquitoes found in twelve boroughs Inland


The tiger mosquitoes were found in Lansingerland, Westland, Montfoort, Lelystad, Emmeloord, Assen, Breda, Bladel, Sittard and Valkenburg. The yellow fever mosquitoes in Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol) and in Moerdijk.

Exotic mosquitoes have been found in Lelystad for nine years, in Assen for eight years, in Montfoort and Emmeloord for seven years, and in Moerdijk for five years. According to the foundation of Stop’s invasive exotic platform, which keeps track of the mosquito figures, these are used tire importers in five boroughs. In addition, the insects can be found in so-called Lucky bamboo house plants.

The tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito are non-Dutch animals. They can spread various viral diseases in humans and animals, such as dengue (dengue fever), zika, chikungunya, yellow fever, West Nile virus and various types of encephalitis.

The NVWA Supervisor only states on the website where and when the exotic mosquitoes were found. The amount of mosquitoes found per discovery is not on site. That data will be published on the website in 2021. According to the platform, this can include large numbers. For example, the NVWA found 350 tiger mosquitoes in Valkenburg last year.

Wilfred Reinhold, chairman of the platform: “The tiger mosquito has been spotted again this year in Valkenburg, twelve discoveries were made between May 7 and September 22, where we don’t know how many mosquitoes were caught. When you consider that the NVWA is left all discoveries took action, the problem was quite persistent. “

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