Thursday , October 6 2022

Curators MC Slotervaart talk to one party about the possibility of taking over NOW


Curators who are currently dealing with the MC Slotervaart bankrupt in Amsterdam are currently talking to one potential procurement partner. After the weekend, it should be clear whether this consultation, where part of the care continuity is being used, has produced something.

Several parties have expressed an interest in the whole hospital and parts of the hospital building. However, the trustees prefer to request a party that wishes to continue a "substantial part" of the care in the current location.

Only a limited number of applications received that satisfy that wish, according to a spokesman for the hospital. The trustees have explored all possibilities and conditions in more detail.

"As a result of this analysis and in the light of the indicative bids given, the trustees have decided to continue to consult one party at the moment." The party in question can again look at the possibilities for restarting in the coming days.

Next week is also clearer about IJsselmeer hospitals

More clarity is expected about the fate of the IJsselmeer of the MC Group in the coming week. On Wednesday, the trustees were announced to talk to "many serious candidates" who have plans to restart. No announcements have yet been made about which parties are.

Earlier it became apparent that at least ten parties reported a full or partial transfer. The curators have the last word about who is being taken over the hospitals. According to Bruno Bruins Minister (Medical Care) he is involved in "very knowledgeable and well-known parties".

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