Sunday , August 7 2022

Cruise ship with measles in Curaçao: no one is allowed to come from there Inside


None of the three hundred on the board will leave the ship. This is how the NOS reports. People on the table can only walk on land after they have proved to the health authorities that they have been vaccinated against measles.

It is said that the infectious member of the crew had traveled to Curaçao through Amsterdam and is of Danish nationality.


Curaçao calls on parents to check whether their children have had any measles vaccinations. Anyone who has been on the ship last week must report to the FIS. According to the government, people on board will be checked according to international rules before they can leave the ship.

According to the government, not only can children, but also adults who want a vaccination, have one of the population easily.


Freewinds, which belongs to the Scientology movement, has Curaçao as its home port. Concerts are arranged regularly on the ship. The Ministry of Health says there is no big chance that there will be more infections and want to prevent panic among the population, but we call every visitor to call the FIS.

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