Thursday , June 30 2022

Confidential issues prevent digitization of care – CustomerFirst


Digital emphasis among other things hinders the digital transmission in healthcare, among other things, according to recent Nictiz and Level researchers who recently published eHealth Monitor 2018. For example, some doctors say they are concerned about patients who share medical information with a third party and question the security of those data.

Facilitate and support
Information organizations indicate that technological development is relatively slow, as users and carers have a role in the right use of health. Appropriate equipment is not always available: two thirds of GPs and medical experts know how to find the right technology that fits in with the patient's need for care. In order to accelerate the transfer process, Nictiz and Level recommend that care providers and care users should be facilitated when using e-health. For example, carers need to know what digital possibilities are available on the market and how they are used. Care users must be supported in the development of digital skills.

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