Saturday , May 28 2022

Cell and TBS are required with forced labor for an inside piano tuner


Pastor Ebi Wassenaar was placed in November in his church with a hammer. It became heavy and lasting.

Suspect Wijnand B., despite his poor mental state, can stand up for attacking the Reverend Ebi Wassenaar at Rhenoy. The court decided at Arnhem on Tuesday afternoon after the defense asked for the victimization of the 50-year-old man. The suspect for the first time did not want to come to the court, but he was brought from the center keeping because the judge wanted his presence. This meant that the legal case could not start hours later.

According to his lawyer, Jan Peter van Schaik is not the defendant able to follow the criminal case in detail. The court thinks it is difficult for him, but says on the basis of the view of a psychologist and psychiatrist that the criminal case can continue.

Tricht's 50-year-old piano tuner B. says he can not remember anything about the incident. He had a brain blow after the assault and is still bad at him. B. is suspected of murdering.

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Saskia Belleman is present and reports live via Twitter.

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