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Brother victim: "Kerkdriel murder on behalf of Benaouf A. and Houssine A." | NOW


Chafik Yakhlaf, the brother of the Chahid Yakhlaf, who was abolished, declared in 2016 shortly after his brother's murder and the attempt to kill them, that the criminal leaders Houssine A. and Benaouf A. were responsible for this.

That became clear on Tuesday in the liquidation process that turned around two homicides completed and two unsuccessful attempts. Houssine A. and Benaouf A. are not tried in this case. The judiciary was associated with this cause.

"You must have the main characters," Chafik Yakhlaf told the police. When police told him the names Benaouf A. and Houssine A., he replied positively. "He started with the batch of 200 kilos which disappeared," he said, referring to a batch of drugs that reached the port of Antwerp in March 2012. "It shouldn't have powdered sugar."

The disappearance of drugs is seen as the beginning of a global war between two criminal groups, with Houssine A. and Benaouf A. on the one hand and Gwenette Martha, who ended in 2014, on the other. The brothers Yakhlaf were counted among Martha's camp.

The shooting of Staatsliedenbuurt 2012 would also play a role

The shooting in Amsterdam Staatsliedenbuurt in 2012 also played a part in the murder of his brother, according to Chafik Yakhlaf. When the Mercedes where he was, his brother and a third person sat on 31 December 2015, Chafik Yakhlaf was wounded a little. They had just left a campsite in Kerkdriel then.

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) sees Hicham M. (25) and Mohamed H. (29) as archers. They take a test on Tuesday. Just like Omar L., 28, who allegedly managed the two men. L. is the brother of one of the two victims killed who died in the "wild-west shooting" in the Staatsliedenbuurt.

The intended target was Benaouf A., who had barely managed to escape. The OM has also been based on revenge as an motive for the murder of Yakhlaf and the attempt to seek his brother.

All suspects are denied by suspects

All three suspects denied all contact. L. called the charges against his person was "ridiculous." "There is nothing right." The same was true of H. who said that he no longer had faith in the process. "I am innocent, but I feel I have already been convicted," added H ..

M. told the court that he had nothing to do with the liquidations. About the Ford Fiesta, according to the OM that is used as a flying car and to be the name of M., the suspect said he had borrowed it.

Men may be involved in multiple facts

The three men are also suspected of being involved in an assault on Nourdine A. in April 2016.

L. and M. are also prosecuted for being part of the murder of Eneas Lomp in November 2015 in Krommenie. These files are dealt with later in this process.

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