Wednesday , June 29 2022

A leaflet becomes simpler: a snapshot of the most important information


Plate and cutlery icons, a glass of water and a clock explain how and with what regularity medication should be taken. A red block with a cross and a glass of wine in it means that alcohol is out of the question with some medicines. An enlarged belly with a warning sign indicates that pregnant women should consult with their doctor about this medication.

Animation videos

Other information is given in short text blocks that are well organized with captions such as "What is the purpose of this medicine?", "Most important warnings, note!" and "What side effects can you have?" New is the box "What does this medicine do for you?". This includes the beneficial effects of medication information which, according to the MEB, is not in the traditional package leaflet. The big difference is that very few side effects are not mentioned. Patients can find these in the traditional packet.

The package leaflet prototype will be considered in more detail shortly, in conjunction with pharmacists and GPs. It also looks at how the information is transmitted: it can be on paper, but the MEB also wants to look at an app or a mobile web version. The college collaborates with the Kijksluiter organization, which has been making animation videos about the use of medication since 2016.

Pharmacists are already adding their own packaging pack to medicines, as an attachment to the manufacturer's packet. That information is usually organized in a more organized way, but it hasn't been presented visually yet.

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