Tuesday , July 5 2022

5 million for the Black Bear; Musk shows a boring tunnel company


1. Black Bear gets 5 million

Black Bear's cyclical start receives 5 million euros in growth money. The capital comes from Venture Capricorn and Particon Partners and is in line with the investment of 11 million euros in September this year. Black Bear separates what is called carbon du from old car tires. This material can be used for the production of rubber, ink and new paint. With the growth money, Black Bear will develop and interact its factory further. The previous growth, which also comes from this mission, comes from ING, SCG Chemicals, 5square, Ventures Impact Social, Chemelot Ventures and DOEN Participaties investors.

2. R. blockbox

The end of the hype blockchain there, he says of Volkskrant Monday. The research newspaper carried out the use of promising devolved technology in the Netherlands and concluded that 85 per cent of serious projects remained in the probationary period. According to the newspaper, the plug would be removed from one project after another. The reason for this would often lie in the regulations, where strict rules on privacy must be secured. The majority of successful blockchain projects in the Netherlands take place in Amsterdam, with the Moyee Coffee initiative as one of the ones that use standard.

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3. There is a money laundering market & # 39; Dutch accounts for 16 billion

Most know only from the American series as Bottom Breakingbut money laundering seems to be especially great in the Netherlands. In fact, a money laundering market & # 39; The Netherlands has an annual total of 16 billion euros, reports Faithful. A business model & # 39; lies for 90 per cent in drug and fraud trafficking, and researchers from Utrecht University expire by order for government. In 2004, 13 billion would still be launched in the Netherlands. Therefore, researchers warn that world and highest world fraud and intervention will increase.

4. The Herbal Butcher discusses millions

Entrepreneur Jaap Korteweg of the company for meat deputies The Herbal Butcher is discussing with a number of "worldwide operating companies and investment funds" about growth, he said in a published interview with Sprout on Friday. According to the entrepreneur, he would have "tens of millions", which must be invested in the presentation of his international company further. Korteweg also argues that American parties have contacted them and maybe wanting to enter the American market. As well as issuing a bond loan, De Vegetarische Slager did not raise a debt in advance.

5. New 50 million start up fund

Debt rainfall starts again, because a new startup fund with a size of 50 million dollars sees the light. It is about the Amaranthine fund, which is led by former Goldman Sachs and CEO, Patrick Murphy, who is also the founder of the Portuguese Technology Incident Web Summit. The launch of the fund has not yet been officially published by the Web Summit, but it's Financial Times Found after studying documents from the US secretary SEC. Start-ups taking part in the Web Summit are eligible for growth funds.

6. And then: Musk shows an LA tunnel

Elon Musk shared a video via Twitter from the first test tunnel to start The Boring Company. The 3.2-kilometer tunnel in Los Angeles will be transporting people at a speed of up to 250km per hour from December. Los Angeles already has traffic that Musk hopes to solve with underground transport. Initially, tunnel pylons will only be transported by people who transport people, but in time the tunnel will also act as a car transport vehicle. The Musk video is still 34 seconds and the camera is on a fast, fast, light. Musk claims he had run the tunnel on Twitter himself: "Worse far away".

7. Extract of the day:

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Elon Musk Picture: Mario Tama / Getty.

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