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You can make this robot dog yourself for less than 2,600 euros – Tech


Students from Stanford University devised an open source robot dog. It is possible to recreate it for about 2,600 euros.

Doggo may not look first, but his robot dog (a little rectangular). It was developed by students at Stanford University in the US, and it was seen in a YouTube video on Monday, May 20th. We see him perform some sports, like saltos.

Dogs making salt

Doggo is a lightweight metal craft with four legs Have to express it. We know how to jump, trotting, and making saltos very easy, as seen here: t

Boston Dynamics has already developed sports robots. They can move on land to fill with obstacles, run, jump, carry heavy weights, crossbreds or salt. However, these are high products, which are not intended for the general public at present. Only the SpotMini will be sold in 2019 – its price is not yet known. It was only tested in the company, particularly in the supply sector. Most of the robot dogs currently on the market are more likely to be used for business purposes.

Robot to do it yourself

A doggo to him is obvious for individuals. However, we have to give a great price, because it costs $ 3,000 (2,600 euros) to manufacture. It may seem expensive (very) at first, but the price worth the dog robots to private competitors.

Doggo walks as a dog. // Source: YouTube / Stanford screenshot

For comparison, Abo, the robot developed by Sony, costs $ 2,900 (the old models were $ 5,000). For that price, it's not doing any salto. On the other hand, it looks like a dog, and can answer the commands given to it. Doggo is not currently working with the voice but thanks to remote control.

Robot // Aibo Source: Numerama

There is still no question about marketing Doggo. On the other hand, the students who developed you invite you to reproduce them: the software that makes the robot is active t Open source.

Photo credit of the one:
YouTube / Stanford snapshot

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