Wednesday , June 29 2022

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The Huawei Saga with the United States is far from a result. Everything revolves around the 5G which will bring big money to the world economy. Experts estimate that this new technology can generate a flow of 11,300 euros by 2035.

Between China and the United States, will it provide leadership in this technology and take the lion's share? The Chinese is very pleased to launch the 5G at the end of this year. They are a big step in front of Uncle Sam's Country.

Loyal to his reputation, the Americans make their hands and feet to stop Chinese companies launching this new technology and have declared war on Huawei, leader t sector.

Huawei said that it will continue to provide updates and security services for its smartphones and tablets despite Google's statement that it will comply with an order prohibiting the Chinese company from updating its system. Android Action.

"The US Department of Commerce has added Huawei Technologies, and its subsidiaries, to its list of companies that have banned them from finding equipment from the US companies, Entity List." Listing on this list prohibits Huawei from purchasing parts or components of US companies and from obtaining licenses for unauthorized applications from the government.There will be no short term but long term problems ie ", explains to us Yassine El Khabbaz, director of communication Huawei Morocco.

He added, "Huawei has made a major contribution to the development and growth of Android worldwide. The company will not give up and will continue to provide its services and products. Huawei will continue to build a software ecosystem." safe and sustainable to provide the best possible experience for all users in Morocco and around the world. "

Huawei has expressed strong opposition to this decision by the US Department of Commerce (BIS) Industry and Security Office. "This decision is of no interest to anyone. It will cause significant economic damage to the US companies that Huawei works with, as well as affecting tens of thousands of jobs in the US and interferes with the current cooperative spirit and the common trust that is in the supply chain, "reads a statement to the editor. t

Huawei was unable to reassure his customers and said they would continue to receive security updates and after sales service. This promise also includes phones already supplied and in stock in stores around the world, but no further promise is made beyond that.

The problem that can arise for the future, however, is the subsequent updates of Google's Android operating system. To put these issues out of the game, those with Huawei phones will have to hope for solving the conflict between the two countries.

Kabiro Bhyer

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