Friday , May 27 2022

Video. Ivory Coast: The heads of Moroccan companies gathered around the ambassador


# Morocco : The Moroccan Embassy has collected the heads of Moroccan companies in Côte d'Ivoire around lunch on the 12th Dach, for the second time in three months. This consultation framework, designed to address the difficulties faced better, would also address the issue of social responsibility.

Abdelmalek Kettani, ambassador of the Moroccan Kingdom in Ivory Coast, along with the heads of Moroccan companies set up in the country to discuss the problems they encounter in carrying out their activities. This second meeting in three months is part of lobbying, consultation and sharing of experiences between these actors, the Chancery works to support them better for the success of their mission in Ivory Coast.

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During the discussions, entrepreneurs discussed various issues, including those involved in land and reallocating money. They also agree the need to take part in employer organizations' management bodies, the challenge to be more informed about developments in their respective areas and to take part in decision-making.

In addition, Abdelmalek Kettani encouraged these business leaders to participate in collective CSR (corporate social responsibility) actions. These are joint ventures of compatible, under the law of the embassy, ​​for the most deprived social strata. An opportunity to get closer to the people. Note that the first social action should see the light next year.

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