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Towards new preventative treatment against peanut allergy


In one study, researchers were able to design capsules that allowed two out of three interference participants to be equivalent to two nuts, without feeling any negative effects.

Peatnut allergy is the most common cause of anaphylaxis, the most dramatic and dangerous way of allergy. Edema, breathing difficulties, digestion problems, losing awareness … It can even be fatal. However, peanuts are found in many foods, from cooking oil to confectionery, highlighting people who are allergic to more or less serious symptoms.

Therefore, many allergy investigations are carried out, but also to protect individuals suffering from accidental exposure, especially the youngest ones. And researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine (USA) think they have detected preventative treatment "It can protect some children from accidental exposure or to have a few peanuts or nuts", they write in their report published on November 18 here Journal of Medicine New England.

Two nuts without symptoms

More than 550 participants from dozens of different countries, mainly between 4 and 17 years old, participated in the research. All allergies to nuts, they randomly gamble either capsules that include peanut powder at higher and higher doses, placebo. In the end, two out of three participants took the capsules tolerated by the top dose, namely two nuts, without feeling any symptoms or negative effects. Half of them could even go up to twice a dose. However, 10% of the participants had to block the experiment due to too violent reactions.

However, this is not a treatment that enhances allergy but defends against it, researchers say. "It does not make the allergy go awaysays Dr Brian Vickery, director of the essay quoted by CNN. The aim is to not make a bacterial allergies, but it's enabled to eat what they want. "

This is a treatment for the three million allergic Americans to nuts in the country of sandwich butter sandwich. Given the success of this study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even announced the acceleration of the approval process. The biopharmaceutical company that manufactured the test product should submit a marketing authorization application by December.

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